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Welcome to Institute of Polymeric Materials (IPM), Sahand University of Technology
Institute of Polymeric Materials (IPM) was established in 2002. The IPM started its work with two MSc programs in chemical and polymer engineering.
Presently the IPM employs ten doctoral research associates, twelve Ph.D. candidates, twenty MSc students, and two technicians.
In 2003 IPM got the permission of research center of polymeric materials from Sahand University of Technology (SUT).
In 2003 IPM got the permission of research center of polymeric materials from ministry of science, research, and technology (MSRT) of Iran. In 2007, IPM was re-evaluated by ministry and promoted from research center to institute. The main objectives of the IPM are to carry out innovative, collaborative research work, the results of which can be applied to the long-term needs of the country specially west north regions of Iran in polymer and relative industries with special emphasis given in the area of up-stream products (polymer reaction engineering) and down-stream activities (polymer processing). In general, the IPM’s research activities fall into the following areas:
Synthesis of  Styrenic based polymers
Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation of polymer processing
Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation of polymer production process
Synthesis of novel environmental friendly polymer foams
Molecular, physical and morphological characterization of polymers
Theoretical and experimental investigation of macro-microencapsulation techniques
Modification of surface and bulk of the polymers for biomedical applications
Synthesis and transport properties of polymer membranes and films
Modern styrenic blends
Modern polyolefin blends
Polymer nanocomposites
Polymer coatings
Application of polymers in solar cells
Polymeric thin films
Skin grafts
In 2010, IPM was selected by the MSRT as a Scientific Pole (Excellent Center) named “Styrenic polymers” of the country. IPM collaborations with industries are mainly focused on research projects, internship plans, flagship plans, short courses, and reference labs.
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